Episode 41: Finding Fairies – From This World to the Next

A gentle story in this episode. A man from Maryland describes meeting an Otherworldly being, backstage at a music festival and tells of his son’s childhood fairy friend. We look at stories of encounters with tall other-than-human folk, who appear and disappear and we explore memories of childhood experiences.

Main image: Holly Fairy by Cicely Mary Barker

NB: This episode has a trigger warning for themes of death and dying.

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Warning: These are not fairytales. The Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast is designed for viewers and listeners 16 years and older.This episode is particularly unsettling and is unsuitable for children or anyone who might be sensitive to creepy content.

Show notes

The episode features excerpts from Seeing Fairies by Marjorie T. Johnson (2014) (ed. Simon Young) and the Fairy Investigation Society’s Fairy Census which you can still take part in here.

“Naked Fiddler with an old fool from Basel” (Nackte Fiedlerin mit einem alten Basler Narren). Urs Graf, 1523.

Bonus Episode

This week’s bonus on Patreon is a recording of Evensong at Canterbury Cathedral. We arrived there just in time to be admitted to this choral service after walking the ley line from Chartham.

The book I was inspired by, The Ley Hunter’s Companion by Paul Devereux and Ian Thomson, suggests that the alignment of the cathedral possibly stands on a previous ancient megalith site.

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