Big exciting news! Podcast launching soon.

The Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast will launch in October/November 2020. This is a project close to my heart. It’s so important to me, that people get a chance to share their fairy experiences in their own words.

Listeners will have the opportunity to simply enjoy listening. If they want to take things a step further, they may decide to join the podcast community in Q&A sessions and access to special episodes.

The Modern Fairy Sightings community began in 2016, when folklorist, Mark Norman and I began research for Magical Folk: British and Irish Fairies 500 AD to the Present. During our research, we spoke to people who had encountered fairies, though weren’t discussing it openly.

Eager to find out more about this continuing taboo around fairy sightings, I started the Modern Fairy Sightings Facebook Group, a place where people could openly discuss their sightings and exchange experiences.

Many people have had encounters but are reluctant to talk about them for fear of ridicule. While we, as a western society, more commonly accept the existence of ghosts and UFOs, fairies are often one step too far.

Well folks…hang loose and hold your judgement. These experiences are real for the individuals, whether you choose to believe them or not. And most importantly, if you’ve already had your own experience, listening to others describe their own account provides relief, validation and, not to mention exhilaration for the idea that there do indeed appear to be other worlds, about which we know very little at present.

So lets learn together, suspend your judgment and take that trip into the unknown…and remain curious about this universe.

Image: created by Peter Hall Comics, from a description of a fairy sighting in 2008.

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