Ep 65: Guest Host Takeover with Kate Ray and Claire Casely

✨Welcome to part one of two Guest Host Takeover specials produced by my fellow podcasters and researchers.*

In this episode I’m delighted to introduce hosts Kate Ray of Hare in the Hawthorn and Claire Casely of ‘Fairy Whispering Podcast’. Their fabulous chat includes a discussion on the merits of gnomes (Kate hails from Nottingham, scene of the Wollaton Gnomes) and pixies (Claire is from Devon, land of the pixies).

🧌🧚🏻‍♀️ They discuss our human connection with nature, and their own personal relationships with fairy beings. Some musings are offered on the evolution of fairies and they even treat us to some encounters from their local area!

Thanks so much to these marvellous women, who are also dear friends 💗

On the next special episode we’ll hear from Bethan Briggs-Miller of Eerie Essex and Spectre of the Sea and Icy Sedgwick of Fabulous Folklore with Icy .

*Jo will return with a brand new series on Sunday September 3rd.

⭐️ In the bonus episode on Patreon⭐️

Jo offers a look at the life and work of 19th century Cornish poet, John Harris. Though narrated excerpts from his autobiography, we catch a glimpse of how our ancestors may have lived and their close relationship with nature.

The video version will release on YouTube one week after the audio release.

Warning: These are not fairytales. The Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast is designed for viewers and listeners 16 years and older. This show is unsuitable for children or anyone who might be sensitive to creepy content.


🧌 Kate Ray is host of Hare in the Hawthorn podcast on YouTube, alongside Neil Rushton, in which they discuss many supernatural topics. Kate is fairy experiencer, paranormal investigator, author, writer for Haunted Magazine and member of the Fairy Investigation Society. Kate has featured on TV and Radio. Kate contributed a chapter to a book about the case of the Wollaton Gnomes which was published in 2022 and has recently released her fictional book ‘Woolly Snotts – The Curious Case of the Wollaton Gnomes’.
Kate’s YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/@kateharegirlray 

🧚🏻 Claire Casely is host of ‘Fairy Whispering Podcast’ which explores fairies and other supernatural topics. Claire is a fairy experiencer, fairy artist, and is currently writing a book about the pixies. She is passionate about connecting people with nature, wonder and wellbeing through her creative and fairy work.
Claire’s website: www.faerywhisperer.co.uk 

Both Kate and Claire have previously featured in Modern Fairy Sightings podcast episodes:

The next episode release on 20th August is from:
Bethan Briggs-Miller of Eerie Essex and Spectre of the Sea
Icy Sedgwick of Fabulous Folklore with Icy

Jo returns on Sunday 3rd September. Massive thanks to these fantastic women for producing these episodes 💚

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You can hear Todd talk about tea in this episode:

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