Ep 61: Wollaton Gnomes Special with Kate Ray and Dr Neil Rushton

This episode, is part of a Wollaton Special which initially released on Sunday evening as a video on my YouTube channel. If you are not familiar with the Wollaton Gnomes encounter here’s a short explanation:

On 23rd September 1979, six school children reported encountering thirty gnomes driving ‘Noddy’ type cars around Wollaton Park, near where they lived in Nottingham. It had taken place around 8.15pm, while they were playing.

After a series of events, they ran from the park and some of the younger children appeared to be traumatised afterwards. Upon return to school, their headmaster tape recorded separate interviews with all the children.

They answered a number of questions about their experiences and gave detailed descriptions of the gnomes. This transcript still exists and is available here.

In the following days, local and national press released articles about the incident. The case eventually went quiet. To date, the witnesses have been unresponsive to multiple appeals to discuss the event.

In 2022, Dr Simon Young published a collection of essays about the Nottingham fairy mystery which, I contributed to along with some other researchers including Dr Jack Hunter, Dr Neil Rushton, and Kate Ray.

Neil, Kate and I recently took an expedition to Wollaton Park and in the YouTube version I’ve included a short film about what we did there. If you are interested, I’d recommend going there and watching the film and please do subscribe as it all really helps the Project. But Effectively, we we aimed to connect with the landscape and sense out the areas where events may possibly have taken place.

At the end of our gnome wander video we hold a debrief session which took place a couple of days after our trip. I’ll be sharing that debrief session here in this episode. We plan further expeditions later this year and I will produce more episodes about the case later in the year.

Watch this space for further action in this area and I hope you enjoy the episode.

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I highly recommend Dr Simon Young’s and Chris Woodyard’s episode about the Wollaton Gnomes on their and Boggart and Banshee Podcast.

Kate Ray and Neil Rushton also produced an episode about the Wollaton Case and a further one involved a chat with Dan Green who was also a contributor to the book.

And Kate will be releasing a gnome-themed novel set in Wollaton Park in June 2023

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4 thoughts on “Ep 61: Wollaton Gnomes Special with Kate Ray and Dr Neil Rushton”

  1. Hello Jo,
    I’ve just recently become aware of your website and YT channel and have been bingeing on your podcasts. I’m up to this one and have enjoyed them all very much so I plan to go back soon for a second helping. Your voice is really sweet and soothing to listen to and I loved the music accompanying this video.

    This was yet another intriguing and enjoyable episode, especially since I wasn’t familiar with the gnome incident. It piqued my interest in “Wollaton Park.” What a beautiful and special place it is! As a result, I did a little bit of a search to see what I could find out about the place and discovered an old book printed in 1902 titled “Other Famous Homes of Great Britain” that included some of the history and other details about “Wollaton Hall,” complete with old illustrations of the house and surrounding park. I’m wondering if the marshy area you encountered is where the lake used to be. If you’re interested, here is a link to the book that can be read online or downloaded for free: https://ia902602.us.archive.org/27/items/cu31924015216900/cu31924015216900.pdf

    Also, in the section on “Dunvegan Castle” in the same book, there is mention of a “fairy flag” and a “fairy room” that you also might find interesting.

    In relation to pareidolia, I noticed a bear on the tree-trunk in the video posted here at the 9 min 56 secs mark and two large faces in the tree-trunk at the 19 min 15 secs mark. I’m sure you noticed them, too.

    Thank you for sharing your research. It is very much appreciated and I look forward to learning much more about your fascinating work.

    Take care, stay safe and keep well.

    With much love and blessings to you and your family.

    Tasmania, Australia

    1. Thank you so much Eleanor! I’m very grateful for this link too – that’s very kind. Yes, it’s full of presence at Wollaton…I hope you get to visit some day. I am not sure I’ve read that particular book so that is fabulous! Really appreciate it. I’m glad you enjoyed the video. I’m currently making another one but it’s taking some time. Thank you very much for your support and for getting in touch. Best wishes, Jo

    2. Thanks so much Eleanor! I have another interview due to be released at some stage regarding all the strange happenings at Wollaton – inside the Hall and around the grounds. Thank you fir the link 😊

  2. Thank you so much for your reply. It’s very much appreciated. I’m eagerly looking forward to your next video and I’m sure it will be another fascinating sojourn into the realm of the weird and wonderful. Love and best wishes to you and your family.

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