Episode 39: Glorious Creatures

A 74 year old woman who has been psychic all her life describes how, in early childhood, she played with fairies in her garden rockery.  In that same garden – a monk’s retreat in times past – she  recalls seeing ghostly robed figures wandering around in prayer.  We discuss how psychic abilities seem to run in families and she reveals how she was once requested to read a nun’s aura!

Series Four sees a return to fortnightly episodes 🎉

In the BONUS EPISODE on Patreon, our guest describes the way in which psychic abilities seem to have passed down her own family line and she divulges a very useful method of protection when communing with Otherworldly beings. We also exchange experiences of going to primary and secondary convent schools. 

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Warning: These are not fairytales. The Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast is designed for viewers and listeners 16 years and older.This episode is particularly unsettling and is unsuitable for children or anyone who might be sensitive to creepy content.


On the show I read an excerpt from: Johnson M.T. (2014) ‘Seeing Fairies: From the Lost Archives of the Fairy Investigation Society, Authentic Reports of Fairies in Modern Times‘. San Antonio: Anomalist Books.

I mentioned the episode on the fabulous Eerie Essex Podcast where we discussed the above encounter. Here it is! :

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