Ep 46: A Series of English Encounters

My guest’s numerous encounters include a multiple witness sighting in some British woods, the story of a haunted fairy painting that you will never forget and a Samhain-timed brush with the Fae on Glastonbury Tor.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, our guest reveals that these experiences run in the family. Sit back, relax and listen to this fascinating collection of stories from a long-time experiencer of the Otherworld. 

 On the Patreon bonus episode, our guest describes a perilous visit to West Kennet Longbarrow...the scene of many strange encounters. 

Main Image: ‘Glastonbury Tor by Moonlight 2’ by Peter Spencer49 on Flickr

Content warning: These are not fairytales and the content is unsuitable for children. Some episodes may contain details which some may find unsettling or frightening. The Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast is designed for listeners 16 years and older.

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Modern Fairy Sightings Green Man Artwork: Peter Hall Studios

8 thoughts on “Ep 46: A Series of English Encounters”

  1. If one steps into the Faeries world everything is more vivid. If only the Faeries are more vivid, then they have bridged into the human world. Colors in the Faerie world are ten times more vivid than the human world.

  2. Faeries do not need crafts to transit their Realm to the Human Realm. Their transit is energy based. They are from another Realm (dimension) not a physical space.

  3. Thank you ..great podcast … I had a telepathic/energetic communication with the Fae Folk. One day after my walk where they usually habitat ..i did not realize I brought one home and it showed itself in my video that day as i was preparing to upload this video to youtube … very lovely and it quite intrigued me to this day, as I never thought I would see one especially in the way this one fairy chose. Was brilliant.

    1. Oh! How interesting! I really don’t know much about video/photos of Fae but I’m sure that they have different ways to connect with folks and the most important aspect is your own sense of communication with them. It’s something you can build on too. Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

  4. Another wonderful and interesting episode! Thankyou.
    Synchronicities , I was talking to my friend about crop circles and watching a documentary ( they seem to have died out as an interest these days..) and I listen to this and your guest is talking about them! It made me smile…! Haha.

    1. Thank you. Ha! yes indeed! It’s funny how things go in and out of fashion. Yes it really was a wonderful episode and I’m very grateful to our guest for sharing his experiences. I wonder if crop-circles will make a comeback?!

  5. I wanted to mention that as regards the haunted painting that quite similar stories have been told regarding the great British artist Austin Osman Spare. In “Book of Lies: the Disinformation book of Magick and the Occult” there is an entire chapter devoted to one painting in particular of his and the things that have happened around it.

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