Ep 50: Healing Hums and Curious Folk

After suffering serious illness, our guest involved shamanic approaches in his quest to return to full health. During his successful process of recovery he discovered a deep resonance with chanting, which led to an extraordinary experience.

 Later, on a trip to Iceland, he encountered a couple who showed up out of the blue and disappeared just as curiously. He has always felt, that they were not of this world.

In the Bonus Episode on Patreon, our guest describes a mysterious face which appeared in a fire.

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Warning: These are not fairytales. The Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast is designed for viewers and listeners 16 years and older.This episode is particularly unsettling and is unsuitable for children or anyone who might be sensitive to creepy content.

Show notes

A similar experience of ‘knowing’ to that which our guest describes. This submission was made to The Fairy Society’s Fairy Census 2014 – 2017 collected by Dr Simon Young.

§426) France (Ardèche). Male; 2010s; 61-70 ‘The beings that I saw appeared to be fell walkers. They wore walking gear. They had knapsacks. But their knapsacks seemed to be empty. They carried no bottles of water. There were about fifteen to twenty of them. I had just pushed my bike up a mountain and I was sitting on the grass at the top of it. They appeared, walking down from a path above me, and stood around me in a circle, chattering and laughing, ignoring me, as I sat in the centre of them. Behaving in a way, as a friend who lives in France commented, that no French person would. ‘The French would never do that.’ I chatted to three of the group, in broken French. First, a man who seemed to be their leader, the dominant male. Then a taciturn and sad looking man, and finally a woman. At that time I was on a spiritual quest that has been on-going for about twenty years. I felt that they were there to support me and to prove to me that my quest was not a fatuous one. One of them, the woman, came over to me and took from me a possession I carry that has tremendous spiritual significance for me. I was still sitting down. She stood over me. She had the strongest, most muscular legs I have ever seen – but in proportion. They were not grossly muscular. They looked like ordinary legs but I doubt that they were. They were the legs of someone who has walked everywhere, on every day of her life. This may seem preposterous, but I cannot stress enough the significance of her clearly not human legs. It was one of the things that truly made me realise I was with people who were not people. She took the possession I carry that has ‘tremendous spiritual significance’, said its name and then kissed it. At which point, as if their mission was over, the group turned and walked away. After they had gone I came back to ‘this reality’, realising that I had been Outside of Time, a state that I have experienced before, always while undergoing unusual and significant events of a spiritual nature. When the group left me they were chattering and laughing. I heard them doing so as they turned a corner and left my sight. Scarcely less than ten seconds after they had gone, and realising that something truly strange had occurred, I got up and followed them. I turned the same corner. There was no sight of them. They had vanished.,

The Fairy Census 2014 – 2017

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