Episode 45: The Genius Loci

It’s the 2nd birthday of the Podcast! 🎂  🎉 

In this special episode I return to the location of my fairy sighting, on the island of Jersey, to meet with a woman who had a very similar experience to me, at the very same place.  We exchange notes during a picnic and I am blown away by what she has to say. 

Did she meet the same fairy being? And if so, what does this suggest about the nature of these experiences?  

Warning: These are not fairytales and the content is unsuitable for children. Some episodes may contain details which some may find unsettling or frightening. The Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast is designed for listeners 16 years and older.

Show Notes

In the episode I mention Martin Brofman, creator of The Body Mirror System of Healing. I trained with Martin from 2005 until 2014 when he passed over. He was a very dear friend and the healing he gave me in 2005 completely changed my life. I saw and experienced the world in a very different way after that healing (literally – I had been short sighted and when I opened my eyes I could see all the leaves on the trees outside the class and details of people’s facial features across the street).

The first thing I said when I opened my eyes was “the fear has gone”. I hadn’t even realised I’d been so afraid of well…everything. And had been walking around like that for years. My life was very different from that time on. I feel the transformation as a result of the healing – coming back to my true self, with clarity and without fear – was a factor in seeing the fairy in 2007.

I am a fully qualified Body Mirror System Healer and I do take appointments when I have time.

You can attend classes in the system all around the world. Highly recommended!

Bonus Episode

Over on Patreon the bonus records us leaving an offering at a nearby tree and our discussion of anomalous lights seen over this location and another site in Jersey. 

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