Fáilte (Welcome)

‘Scarlett of the Fae’ is born out of a love and curiosity of all things Fae and Otherwordly.

If your inquisitive spirit has led you here, perhaps you have a tale to tell?

The idea of fairy encounters may seem incredulous to some, but believe it or not, experiences continue to be reported…and at an ever greater rate in recent years!

The ‘Modern Fairy Sightings‘ Project collects and preserves contemporary experiences and explores the resistant cultural taboo surrounding disclosure. The Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast was launched in 2020 and features fairy encounters told first hand.

Here’s the first episode, ‘A Remote Encounter’. I chat with a man who crossed paths with a being from an Otherworld while walking in a remote area of Scotland. His experience was something he had never considered a possibility.

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