About Jo Hickey-Hall

I’m a folklorist, researcher and social historian with a long-held interest in the relationship between supernatural experience, local landscape and oral tradition. I was born in Jersey, an island scattered with a network of ancient dolmens and rich in folklore.  Partly due to my Irish heritage and the wonderful folktales of my father, I am particularly inspired by the survival of oral lore in rural communities.

I recently graduated from the University of Bristol, with a Masters in History, supervised by Professor Ronald Hutton.  My research focused on the portrayal of the Sidhe in Medieval Irish literature. Together with fellow member of the Folklore Society and author, Mark Norman I recently contributed to Simon Young’s forthcoming book, British and Irish Fairies.

Mark and I are currently running a research project called Modern Fairy Sightings. The main motivation of our research is to collate and preserve peoples experiences.

We also hope that our work helps to break the taboo that exists around fairy sightings.  If you want to share or talk about your fairy experiences, contact me here.




Image Credit: Maria S. Varela and Vicky Butterfly.