Episode 1: A Remote Encounter

In the first episode of The Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast, Jo speaks to a man who crossed paths with a being from an Otherworld while walking in a remote area of Scotland. This was something he had never considered a possibility. He candidly describes his experience.

Warning: These are not fairytales and the content is unsuitable for children. This episode describes a wonderful experience but some may contain details which some may find unsettling or frightening. The Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast is designed for listeners 16 years and older.

Artwork: Peter Hall Studios

Podcast intro music: Transmutate by Snowflake (c) copyright 2020 Licensed. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. 

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5 thoughts on “Episode 1: A Remote Encounter”

  1. Just discovered this podcast. Absolutely fascinating!!! Great subject and one in which I always have had an interest in. Thank you for taking me out of this mad world !!

    1. Thank you Claire 🙂 I’m so glad you found us too! I hope you enjoy the other episodes. I’m releasing a new one this Sunday eve around 8pm GMT.

      Stay in touch and let me know your thoughts on all these experiences! Please also rate the Podcast and share with a friend who may enjoy it too. Thank you 🙏🏻

  2. I’ve experienced lot’s of strangeness – recently parked in my car on an organic market garden field where I was camping for the night (September 2021). I was sitting in the car having some tea – when all of a sudden green lights started shining in laser like beams through the windscreen, side windows and back window. I thought someone was playing with a laser type pen? There was a small wood to my left and a thick tall large hedge to my right. So I was wondering how the light was shining through the sides? I got out of the car with my torch and looked into the wood and then walked up the slope behind my car to see if there was anybody messing about. I got to the top gate into the field and there was nothing/no-one there although all the time I was out I felt I was being watched, not by anything threatening but just by an awareness. I ruled out people with lasers. I got back into the car and started to finish my tea. It started again. The lights were green and moved in a type of phosphorescence going over my shoulders at times and coming in and out at all angles. the beams were not like solid laser pen type beams but broken in thicker lines and as if each beam had it’s own awareness and was kind of like wanting to connect to me I tried to touch them but as soon as I reached out they would not be there they were pretty fast and another one would distract me. I let this go on a few times a good 5 mins and got out of the car to look on the roof and around but nothing and it would stop when I got out of the car. As soon as I got in it started again. Then it calmed down not as many coming through. I got into my tent and I have a blackout type tent so I turned my torch off and by this time I was really tired. I lay awake waiting to see if it would happen in the tent. Nothing did and I finally just fell asleep. I told my friends who own the land and they were Mmm ok??. I felt it was some kind of plant consciousness?? as the fields were all full of especially next to me of Leeks and also other veg further down the fields. I slept really well. It’s an Organic Market Garden so the soil and veg are in good shape.

    1. Thank you Andrew. Sounds very interesting! Almost as if you were being ‘scanned’ in some way. Did you have an adjoining owl experiences at that time? It just sounds quite extraterrestrial but as you say you feel it was actually some form of terrestrial experience related to the plants (the movement being likened to phosphorescence is particularly interesting!). Definitely food for thought if you excuse the unintentional pun! When I get time I’ll have a look in Dr Jack Hunter’s ‘Greening the Paranormal’ as that book may potentially offer some insight. Have you read of other accounts with a green light? What was the feeling like? It doesn’t sound like it was frightening. More fascinating? Did you feel different in any way the next morning?

      1. I’ve not seen green coloured lights before these were bright green (other colours before this but different to this experience) – the feeling was very nice I was more baffled than frightened and wanted to know what was going on. It felt ok and I could feel maybe they were some form of plant Deva? I felt refreshed the next morning and was awake early as I was attending a Meditation/Yogic class a 45min drive away which started at 7.30am. I also thought my eyes needed testing they are fine – I’ve seen ufo type objects – but this was more “natural” and ethereal it was dream like but I was wide awake. I had a further more human like experience a month later in a so called magical wood in the pouring rain which was firstly frightening but then okish.

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