Chakra Healing

I’ve been practicing healing since 1996 and I began using The Body Mirror System of Healing in 2005. Contact me for chakra healing appointments.

What is Chakra Healing?
Chakra Healing offers an opportunity to return to health quickly and consciously.  When you are unwell physically, emotionally or mentally, it’s because your body is communicating a specific tension in your life. If you listen to your body, it’s possible for you to understand and respond accordingly by removing the tension.  This can be achieved by changing your mind about a situation, leaving the situation or  changing your way of being. Alternatively, you can request the assistance of a healer.

How can healing help me?
People seek healing for any number of reasons.  They may initially present with physical symptoms whilst simultaneously experiencing situations in their life that they are unhappy about.  Each part of the body represents aspects of their lives and these relate to the symptoms being experienced. In this way, the symptoms metaphorically describe what’s been happening in the life of that person.

After I heal someone, I tell them what I have seen in their energy system. This helps them understand themselves better and let go of anything which was restricting them from being healthy, happy and whole…which is our natural state.

How do you heal?
I use a very straightforward, yet extremely powerful energy healing technique called Body Mirror System. It was created by Martin Brofman as a result of healing himself from a terminal illness, which traditional medicine had considered hopeless. The model is a blend of Eastern and Western philosophies which works by understanding the relationship between the body and the consciousness, the ‘Body Mind Interface’.

At the beginning of the session I consciously intend to connect with that person and their needs. During a short initial discussion, the client advises me about any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual symptoms they wish to heal. This includes anything in their life which is not working perfectly for them.  Issues can relate to their relationships, their job, feelings of anxiety…in fact absolutely anything and everything can be healed.

Once they are ready and seated with their eyes closed, I stand behind and open to all the love and energy present in this universe. I place my hands on their shoulders and let this loving energy flow through my hands, filling them as if their body were a vessel. I then work through the chakras placing a light touch on each chakra starting at the base of their spine all the way to the crown of their head.

In doing so, I receive a visual interpretation of what is taking place inside their energy system.  I remove any thought forms or blockages and return each chakra to wholeness. This takes around 30-40 minutes.

At the end of the healing, when the client opens their eyes they feel very different.  I report what I have seen, and describe what I removed.  This gives the client an opportunity to reflect on how that makes sense in terms of how they were feeling before the healing.

In some ways, taking yourself to be healed is a bit like taking your car to a mechanic!

What sort of things do you see?
I find this is always the most interesting part of what I do.  I’m particularly visual and feel blessed that this comes naturally to me.

Sometimes in a particular chakra, I might see the person either at younger age or in the present, performing a specific action. Visual representations such as these usually mean that a particular symptom or blockage began at a certain time in their life or that a particular action had a strong influence on their wellbeing.  Sometimes I can see other beings in their energy system whom I’m then able to describe to the client. Knowing these details can help the person to understand why the symptom arose or why they were feeling tense about any personal situation.

Often the blockages take the visual form of metaphors.  This might include chakras being restricted in some way: placed in a box or squeezed tightly for instance.  Chakras can give the impression of being discoloured and tired or they may be bounding with energy. Sometimes, thought forms present as physical objects – these could be literally anything from spiders to hot air balloons! Alternatively, I may receive words, names or even songs.

I relay all perceptions and observations back to the client. Whilst they may seem irrelevant or illogical to me, it will make absolute sense to them. In doing so, there is always a point of realisation for that person. This is a very important part of the healing session, as it bolsters the healing process.

What are chakras?
Chakras are points of energy in your body starting at the base of your spine (red), at the level of your reproductive areas (orange), just above your navel (yellow), at the level of your heart (green), at your throat (blue), just above your eyebrows (indigo), and at the crown of your head (violet). See the image above for a visual representation.

Each chakra relates to a different part of your consciousness. The following examples are a rough guide but not exhaustive. Please see the Body Mirror System website for further info on chakras:

The red chakra represents security issues: money, home, job, trust issues, the relationship with your mother, your sense of security and feeling grounded.  It relates to the skeletal system and any symptom which appears in the physical body from the base of the spine downwards including the elimination system.

The orange chakra relates to food, sex and emotions.  It’s also associated with the reproductive system, sexual organs, the gonads and what the body wants, needs and finds pleasurable.

The yellow chakra represents power, control and freedom issues. It encompasses any of the organs at that level such as the stomach, liver, pancreas and digestive system. In addition it relates to skin, the muscular system and vision.

The green chakra relates to love relationships and relationships with people close to your heart. It’s also about feeling accepted and perceptions of love. It relates to the heart as an organ as well as the lungs, breasts and chest area, the thymus gland and immune system.

The blue chakra is about expressing and receiving what you truly want and setting goals. It encompasses symptoms in the throat, neck, arms and hands and relates to the thyroid gland.

The indigo chakra relates to your deep spirit, who you truly are in your sub-conscious. It’s associated with the ‘third-eye’ and spirit-to-spirit communication such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.  It encompasses the forehead and pituitary gland.

The violet chakra relates to our relationship with our father and also authority.  It is the aspect of our connection with the All and all of consciousness.  It is the level of the soul. For some this is their relationship with God/gods or whatever they perceive as being ‘up there’.  It’s about their sense of connection with those around them and in the world generally. It also relates to the pineal gland.

What happens after a healing?
Different people experience the effects of the healing in different ways according to what they feel is possible and how open they are to making a shift in their consciousness.  This can result in a miraculous instantaneous healing or can take a little longer.

As a general guide, the person leaves the healing appointment feeling very different.  There will be shifts in their physical symptoms but they also experience a different relationship with the world around them.  Some describe it as an ‘opening up’. Others say they feel at ease with themselves and their lives.  Many people report feeling ‘more like themselves’.  That’s an accurate description because healing is all about returning you to your natural state of being happy, healthy and whole.

How long is a session and much does it cost?
A session will typically takes around 1 hr/1hr 20 and the cost is a pay-what-you-can-afford scale of : £80 / £70 / £60 for adults. I also offer a low-cost monthly session (£45) for children, young people and those on low income. To book or for more information contact me.

Where does the session take place?
Currently, I offer distance healings where I connect directly, consciousness to consciousness.

I also offer face-to-face sessions at The Practice Rooms in Southville, Bristol. Contact me for more information about in-person sessions at

Do I need to have more than one session?
Generally, healing sessions are one-off as it’s important for both the healer and the client to expect a full healing in the session. However, some people may wish to return for further sessions at later points in their lives according to new situations or to focus on new circumstances in their lives.

Can I learn how to heal for myself?
Yes! You can learn to heal using The Body Mirror System by attending one of their weekend workshops or intensive classes in the UK and Europe.

These are great because you also get to come along and work on any symptoms you’re experiencing by giving and receiving five healings whilst you’re there. I can vouch that you will leave feeling different!

I am a UK organiser and I will be bring more workshops to Bristol soon.

 Contact me at scarlettofthefae AT gmail DOT com

On a final note, here are some photos of me eating cake because I believe in the healing power of cake! (and laughter) 🙂

Blessed Be