Ep 56: London Goblins Pt 2 “They Live Among Us”

Following Episode 55: Terrified by Goblins in my London Flat, in this second part of our interview, my guest reveals what was going on in her life at the time of the encounter. She describes the sense of trauma that these types of experiences can sometimes leave you with.

We also discuss her childhood and how home environment, family traditions and beliefs can encourage children’s imaginations to foster a sense of limitless possibility, which can continue into adulthood.`

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This episode features amazing FAN ART inspired by the previous episode by artist and listener of the show, Jonathan Dodd. Thank you Jonathan for allowing me to share your creation! Our guest said that she felt the artwork will either help listeners visualise the situation or give them nightmares! She said she remembers them, “looking a bit different to this (much more evil, dirty and intense) but the green bodies, angle and the window behind is really very good and it’s a wonderful picture.”

Main image: ‘The Goblins That Watch You Poo’ by Jonathan Dodd inspired by the previous episode.

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Warning: These are not fairytales. The Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast is designed for viewers and listeners 16 years and older. This show is unsuitable for children or anyone who might be sensitive to creepy content.

Show notes

Image Reddit: https://i.redd.it/mamehuq8as141.jpg


Our guest rising in the night to use the loo provides a potential hypnopompic aspect to the event. The state when we are still heavy with sleep and not quite awake is called hypnopompia relating to the Greek words hýpnos, meaning “sleep,” and pompḗ, meaning “a sending away”.

We may gain access to the unconscious mind during these times as we’re not fully integrated in the material world but hovering at an etheric level where we can access enlightening information and visions.

Visionaries such as Salvador Dali, Mary Shelley and Thomas Edison enlisted these states for inspiration, by holding objects in their hands while relaxing. When their hands became limp as they fell into a sleep state, the object’s falling clattering noise would arouse them. That altered state allowed them to access ideas and visions from deep within their consciousness.

Here’s a nice article on hypnogogia (altered state when going into sleep): https://lonerwolf.com/hypnagogia/

Old Maps Online

I mentioned this website https://www.oldmapsonline.org/ which can overlay historical maps with contemporary ones.

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5 thoughts on “Ep 56: London Goblins Pt 2 “They Live Among Us””

  1. This was such a great listen, thankyou!

    I think it makes sense that- as this lady suspects- some unpleasant events may have taken place in this space sometime during its history – long before she got there. Perhaps multiple events. I do believe that spaces hold energetic “memories” ( for want of a better term).

    It’s always so interesting that people seem to be extra prone to having such experiences whilst in a some type of liminal space or life situation. This “rule” seems to hold true for myself, also. ( I am working up the courage to talk about the various weirdness I’ve experienced since I was very young!).

    Jo, I do have to say that I absolutely resonate with what you said at the end about finding it harder and harder to relate to the old ( or what I would call the so called “normal” ) world. That feeling has always been there for me, but it’s been increasing in intensity for the last 5 years or so- and that intensity seems to be ramping up by the day. I try to focus on the positive aspects; that many people seem to be “waking up” spiritually….but I admit it can be difficult to remain optimistic when so many dodgy schemes are afoot thanks to…well, I won’t give them power by naming them, but I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean. Many, many more people are needed yet to “break the spell”…

    At some point in the future when my finances improve I’d love to join your Patreon, as I do find myself feeling less isolated when I hear these discussions here. I feel a deep connection with Nature, and this is quite fulfilling, but I would LOVE to meet a group of likeminded souls to be able to openly discuss my own experiences without feeling silly. Unfortunately where I live, I’ve had little luck meeting people who are genuinely interested in High Strangeness. The “spiritual” types here all seem to be trying to out-guru each other/ see who can take the best photo of themselves doing Yoga, and it’s all pretty toxic, humourless, and manipulative. (None of them seem to be interested in the Fae or otherworldly weirdness, either, so…they get a big “NOPE” from me!)

    Anyway, for now, I’m off to listen to some more, as these are fascinating indeed, and are an inspiration as I create!

    Thanks again, and have a lovely day/ night.

    1. Thanks so much and apologies for my long delay in replying. I completely understand and yes, you are not alone in feeling that you don’t resonate with the (what I’m now calling for my own perception) ‘old world’. there are plenty of people who think like you do and are looking for more meaning in a new world which people are coming together to build. I hope you are able to join us soon and I also hope you find a nice community near where you live too. How about moots?

      Ps. I know exactly what you mean with people out-spiritual-ing each other 😀 just sounds like you haven’t found your folk yet, but you will 🙏🏻💚 I recommend Insight Timer app with lots of great meditations (and it’s free!) plus maybe do a ritual to open you up to meeting your kind of people

      1. Aww, what a lovely response. Thank you! No need for apologies; I know how busy you must be, so I appreciate it.

        I must admit to being ignorant of “moots” and what that mean and entails ( I’m not very internet group savvy…or tech savvy…or any kind of what’s-happening-currently savvy, lol) but I will look it up!

        Yes, perhaps I will meet a group someday. I think it is perhaps more difficult here in Australia to find other people interested in such a niche topic as we don’t have the same population, and also our history isn’t steeped in Faery lore and related folklore as it is in the UK. Obviously the Aborigine people have their dreamtime stories- which are fascinating and awesome- but it’s not my culture to be immersed in; my heritage is predominately Irish and Scandinavian. Those topics aren’t seen as “cool” in Aus.

        Yes, meditation is brilliant, and I certainly don’t do as much as I should. I don’t do apps ( I’m allergic to smartphones 😉 ) but luckily Nature is close at hand :). I’ll be moving soon to a place with even less population, so for now I’m dedicating myself to Nature. I think some of us simply belong on the Hermit’s path….which is ok, really. I’ll let destiny take its course in the meantime, and will be open to whatever happens.

        Thanks so much again and have a magical day! 🙂

  2. Excellent podcast/interview as always. I am listening to your podcast all out of order as the mood strikes me and which titles grab me on certain days. Fun.
    I saw something in our bathroom in the middle of the night once. But just a flash, enough to make me gasp and heart pound but faster than a blink.
    After using the toilet I was standing at the sink washing my hands, tub right behind me, bathroom only lit by by a small nightlight and in the mirror, over my left shoulder I saw…or seemed to see, a short mantis looking faced being standing in the tub. So basically all I glimpsed was it’s head cause it was short and it came just below my shoulder. Pointy chin, large mantis eyes, flash impression gone. There’s nothing in the tub or on the tub wall surround to even mimic that sort of shape, so the pareidolia theory doesn’t work.
    Anyways this house feels clean and empty in the good way, no where near visited or haunted, except for that one itsy bitsy flash. going to the bathroom at night has taken on new adventurous feels beyond not tripping on my own feet. Haha
    So fast was it a dream…I dunno….I always say, to myself and out loud, “if there’s something hiding, coexisting secretly, keep it up, good job, in the garden or knock at the door is fine but don’t be showing up in the middle of the night spooking me” (I say this joking/not reallllllllly joking)
    It doesn’t seem impossible there could be things we share this world with and sometimes the realities sort of…cross or run together….
    I feed the bluejays in the garden but we live separate lives, every morning they are at my door looking for peanuts, what goes on the rest of the day in a bluejay life…who knows…. So maybe it is like that for some of these other things people see…sometimes we cross paths and it’s as simple as seeing a bluejay…
    Anyways, just wanted to share.

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