Ep 52: Interview with Kate ‘Hare Girl’ Ray

I speak with paranormal investigator, Kate ‘Hare Girl’ Ray from her excellent YouTube podcast show, Hare in the Hawthorn.

Originally hailing from Nottingham, Kate has a particular interest in the Wollaton Gnomes case, and is a published author on the subject. She also writes for Haunted Magazine and creates magnificent mushroom-related art pieces in her spare time!

Kate shares a gnome encounter that took place in her teens at the Uffington White Horse and describes the time she acted as a mediator between a troubled home owner and an angry French Fae being, for the TV show Help my House is Haunted.  We also discuss the strange potency of this time we are living through. 

A video version of this episode will release on The Modern Fairy Sightings YouTube channel next weekend. 

In the bonus episode waiting for you on Patreon, Kate shares a shocking experience which left her terrified but offered a greater understanding and respect for the Fae.  Join us there for access to a whole back catalogue of bonus episodes.

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Warning: These are not fairytales. The Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast is designed for viewers and listeners 16 years and older. This show is unsuitable for children or anyone who might be sensitive to creepy content.


In the main episode, Kate describes a being she saw on the way down to Wayland Smithy from the Uffington Horse. Here’s what she created in its likeness:

Likeness of a Fairy Being seen by Kate Ray in the bushes near Wayland Smithy
By Kate HareGirl Ray of Hare in the Hawthorn

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3 thoughts on “Ep 52: Interview with Kate ‘Hare Girl’ Ray”

  1. So weird…I live only 5 miles away from Weyland Smithy…and visit regularly (twice a month at least)… yesterday I shared a few videos with friends in our “Weirdos” WhatsApp group chat, of Weyland, Uffington Whitehorse etc…as most of them live in different areas of the globe…I was recently on Tracing Owls podcast talking about …a gnome encounter as well, insignificant I know, but quite a synchronous moment… especially as my friend Vuk interviewed Jack Hunter recently 😬😎.

    New to your podcast and love it…great work.

    Regards Puxley

    1. Thank you Puxley, yes, please do share with your friends as you never know…you could find that they have had an encounter but never mentioned it! I’d love to listen to that episode – please post a link 🙂 – does your friend Vuk have a podcast too? I love Jack’s work! Cheers and thanks so much for listening

  2. I have listened to this with my son Tristan last week and enjoyed it immensely. I was especially struck by what Kate said about how we can restore our link to Nature again through contact with the fey – I was very happy to hear this, because this is a project I started in 2015 with my book Moonianna, but because it didn’t get much support at the time, I dropped it. I began the project again in earnest in april 2021, with some serious work with the fey in the local parks and forests where I live. So very happy to hear that others are doing something similar. Great episode.

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