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How did The Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast come about? 🐛🦋
In around 2007 I had my own fairy encounter. It was a fascinating experience, one which I previously thought was ridiculous and impossible. I immediately wanted to know more and I began working in a group, with landscape and ritual. With a background in social research, I undertook a Masters in History in 2014 alongside Professor Ronald Hutton, focusing on the portrayal of the Fae. In 2016 I co-authored, ‘Magical Folk: British and Irish Fairies 500AD to the Present’ and began researching contemporary accounts. In lockdown 2020, I realised it was time to speak publicly with others about these sorts of experiences. Hence, the Podcast was born!

Why is it important?
For those who have experienced similar encounters, it helps to hear others talk about it.
When I first saw a fairy, I had no one to immediately discuss it with. There’s a kind of taboo around these experiences. People often assume that you’re mistaken, under the influence of substances or delusional. But ordinary people, with no interest in fairies are regularly having extraordinary encounters all over the world that they cannot explain or discuss for fear of ridicule or fear of the unknown.

What are the aims of this Project?
To allow people to share their own fairy encounters, so that their stories can be witnessed.
⭐︎To provide validation for others who have encountered fairies, so that they don’t feel alone with that experience.
⭐︎To aid further understanding about this mysterious Universe.

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