Episode 33 Tree Teacher and Two Suns

A New Zealand woman describes her beautiful childhood encounter with a tree and gathering of Fae folk. This took place directly after witnessing a ‘two suns’ phenomenon onboard a fishing boat.  It’s a story of stepping into a place of wonder and yet feels very  grounding. The experience led to a lifetime relationship with trees and it’s an inspiring story, one which may bring you hope for healing and a better world.  

On a bonus episode available for members of The Curious Crew on Patreon, our guest describes a second ‘two suns’ experience that she witnessed with some family members. 

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Warning: These are not fairytales and the content is unsuitable for children. Some episodes may contain details which some may find unsettling or frightening. The Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast is designed for listeners 16 years and older.


The Hawthorn and Fairy Belief in Ireland

The traditional fairy tree is the hawthorn. In Ireland where fairy belief is still honoured to the present day, local authorities are often petitioned to protect hawthorns which lie in the way of new roads or building plans. Though it must be said that these actions are in the most part fuelled by the fear of what may happen if the fairies, their paths and trees are removed.

A Hawthorn Tree

In 2005 The Times Newspaper published a piece, ‘Fairies stop developers’ bulldozers in their tracks’. In one other infamous case, reported in The Irish Times in 2011 Ireland’s richest man Sean Quinn fell spectacularly from grace and eventually became bankrupt some years after moving a megalithic burial tomb. Let that serve as a lesson to greed and ignorance!

Talking to Trees

Have you tried conversing with a tree? It’s a simple exercise. It’s nice to do it with a tree you are familiar with but equally, if you’re somewhere you’re unfamiliar with then just quietly walk around until you feel drawn to a certain tree.

You don’t need to identify the type of tree, just trust your sense of connection. You could try putting your hand on your heart and touching the tree like our guest described. Then stand or sit beneath with your back against the trunk and open to a conversation in your mind. Start as you would with any conversation, by introducing yourself and maybe why you are there.

Image: Photographer unknown. Near Morrison, Colorado

If you feel you need help or direction with something in your life, then ask for it. Go inside yourself and quieten your mind, concentrate on your breathing and the sounds of nature that surround you. Notice how the wind might rustle the leaves and. Move the branches. During the conversation you may notice the tree creaking in response.

Go with it, don’t try to rationalise or question – that’s just the mind kicking in. We don’t need the mind for this exercise.

Listen with heart and spirit and trust whatever you receive. It may or may not be a huge event the first time but it’s something you can build upon. You can also do the exercise with a group of people, but each find your own trees and afterwards you can come together and exchange your experiences, if it feels right to do so.

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Main Image: Mystic forest path (New Zealand) by Stanley Loong

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4 thoughts on “Episode 33 Tree Teacher and Two Suns”

  1. It would be interesting to look back on records to see if any military / navy testing happend at this time/ area.
    Not that I want to take anything away from the experience. But the light in sky? I’m then wondering if this why the other nature beings reached out asking for safe place?

    1. Yes, good point Carolyn and thank you so much for listening and commenting. I’m not sure if they have already but it’s most certainly worth a look. On this point, are you familiar with the work of Paul Sinclair? He researches extraordinary happenings in the vicinity of Bempton in Yorkshire near an RAF base. Very interesting! His books are entitled Truth Proof. Well worth a read. He’ll be a guest on the show sometime soon.

      Interesting point you make about the nature beings reaching out. Could be? Maybe the light itself was nature reaching out.

      Our guest says that she felt she had a pre-destined appointment to meet them there. I love that idea.

  2. Kia ora NZ Woman … though I haven’t been to that tree ( I’m guessing Hauraki GulIf) I have experienced the Old Wisdom coming through the trees, both here at home in NZ and overseas …. thank you for your sharing …. I haven’t heard of other NZ experiences of that frequency…. blessings to all life … I hope to run into you at some stage …. Nga mihi

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Simon. I don’t reveal the exact location in order to protect the places (and beings who may reside there!) but I note Hauraki Gulf is also a nature reserve. I’m so warmed to hear that you have experienced the Old Wisdom through the trees too. I can relate to this, as a small child my relationship with the old oak trees near my school were very comforting and they felt like a strong presence in my life 🙏🏻 I’m sure there are many other stories out there re NZ and these sorts of frequency connections as it’s such a magical place! I have never visited but always wanted to. Thanks again and do share with friends that you think may enjoy the show (and please subscribe and rate/leave a comment on your app if you can). Best wishes, Jo

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