Ep 64: ‘The People That Aren’t People’

A woman from San Diego, California shares a whole host of extraordinary encounters with people who took the appearance of human beings but felt decisively, not-of-this-world.

From a strangely terrifying family in a Walmart car park to a disappearing cowboy, you may well find that these stories strike a chord with some odd encounters of your own.

Perhaps the most intriguing of all, ‘The Hitchhiker’ may lead you to question what is really ‘real’ anymore. Is the Universe communing with our subconscious by way of metaphors and archetypes?

Some of the experiences described may be unsettling for some listeners who are sensitive to creepy content. These stories are not suitable for children.

⭐️ In the bonus episode ⭐️

🌚 Our guest shares some more personal experiences which took place just outside her home and also more recently, within her home.

Image: Still from GIF by Almost Dead https://giphy.com/channel/AlmostDead

Warning: These are not fairytales. The Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast is designed for viewers and listeners 16 years and older. This show is unsuitable for children or anyone who might be sensitive to creepy content.


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Further reading/listening regarding the Trickster:

Simon Young and Chris Woodyard’s Podcast: Boggart and Banshee https://www.buzzsprout.com/1859647/13142425-the-immortals-among-us-the-wandering-jew-and-other-undying-ones

Simon Young’s Sourcebook: Meeting an Immortal: Encounters with the Wandering Jew in British Folklore

If you are interested in the Trickster, you need to read The Trickster and The Paranormal by George P. Hansen

On the theme of ‘personhood of landscapes’ etc, I recommend reading Dr Jack Hunter’s Greening the Paranormal which in turn signposts to further reading.

Wonderful Women:
Bethan Briggs-Miller of Eerie Essex and Spectre of the Sea
Icy Sedgwick of Fabulous Folklore with Icy
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Claire Casely of Fairy Whispering

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6 thoughts on “Ep 64: ‘The People That Aren’t People’”

  1. In the year 2000, the company I worked for was closing. It had simply run out of cash & that had been kept from all of us!

    The last day was a Friday and so naturally, many of us decided to go into town that evening to drink away our sorrows and have a good time.

    I share this because that evening sonething weird happened to me. In one of the bars that we chose to enjoy ourselves in I met a “person”. Below is my account.

    We had been maybe to 3 or 4 pubs and we next ended up in one known as the Crown & Anchor.

    Whilst in there I visited the toilets and found it empty. The doorway opens and in walked a man with thinning grey hair. He wore a grey suit and looked like a man in his 50s. He looked wealthy and gave off the impression of someone in a position of authority.

    Now remember that I described the gents being empty. Because this older looking guy comes and stands best to me. We both see our refections in the mirrors and my gaze glanced at him.

    His eyes were not human! Green, with vertical slits. I looked away and presumed he wore contact lenses. He seemed to be staring into space, thtough his own reflection. I felt startled and quickly left with his strange eyes still in my mind.

    When I left the wash room it was like all memory of him left me too. I fact, it took several days for me to recall that strange person. I recalled nolonger being interested in him after I rejoined my friends, but his eyes were not hunan! The regular me would have watched the door awaiting his arrival back into the bar. But all memory of that is somehow forgotten.

    To this day it puzzles me and to some degree frightens me. Who was he? Was he human? Why did he stand next to me?

    1. Oh my goodness! Absolute chills reading this. Yes, that’s very odd. It would leave me feeling very disoriented too. Interesting that it took place at a time of transition for you too. Did you go on to do something that you enjoyed a lot? I hope so. I imagine you weren’t any longer than you thought you had been? ie lost time? Did you hear of Paul Sinclair’s strange meeting with an Otherworldly being? There’s a bonus on my Patreon where I narrate from his first Truth Proof book It’s extremely disturbing. Thanks for commenting here and sharing your story! Are you happy for me to share this on the show at some point please? Happy for you to write to me at scarlettofthefae@gmail.com

  2. Hi. Yes I love those truth proof books.

    But regarding that strange person. By his dress code he definitely looked wrong for the pub.

    Quickly, changing the subject.

    In july I decided to gift the country side with crystals and gemstones which had been in the house for years my idea being: let them cleanse naturally and possibly boost that environment.

    Every single one which I placed in hard to find areas has long since gone. So maybe the fairy kingdom gathered them 🙂

    1. Love the idea of that. And even if they have been picked up by other visitors, they have begun a new journey and are creating a story elsewhere. It’s all good as far as I am concerned 🙂 thanks so much Mark.

  3. I felt so much sense of identification with many aspects of this episode. There are parts of myself and my experiences that I’ve kept carefully hidden away because I felt that these would undoubtedly cause problems if revealed to anyone, even those who might seem potentially sympathetic. It gave me a wonderful sense of validation to hear similar things discussed in a serious, rational, and open way, free from judgement and criticism. I also realized what a stress it is to deny/hide what feels so valid in my own experience. Thank you for providing a forum to calmly discuss the previously undiscussable.

    1. Thank you Diana, I really appreciate it. I’m glad this spoke to you. It’s really one of the most downloaded episodes and I think so many of us understand these kind of experiences at a deep level. You are certainly not alone 💚

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