Bonus Episode 4th May: Jo shares her own fairy encounter

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What an incredible adventure the first series of The Modern Fairy Sightings Podcast has been! It’s been so great to receive so many messages of support from listeners. Thank you for joining me on this exploration.

For so many, the experiences recounted in the episodes really rang true and emulated their own encounters. I feel honoured to be able to share these stories with you and a huge thanks goes out to all my guests, who took the time and trusted the process of sharing their story with the world

Series Two will begin on Sunday 13th June at 8pm but in the meantime, there’ll be a bonus episode on 4th May. It’s going to be a very personal episode for me, as it’s my birthday and I’ll be sharing my own fairy encounter.

All the encounters we’ve heard so far have been anonymous, so this feels like a significant step and a decision which I haven’t taken lightly. But I hope it goes some way to explain my initial interest in the topic and how it has unexpectedly weaved throughout my life.

During the episode I’ll also be telling you about my new support page at Patreon and how you can get involved by joining The Curious Crew for discussion about what you’d like to see in Series Two, among other topics.

I hope you can tune in for that special episode which will be released at 8pm, on 4th May, 2021 and hear how you can take part. To ensure you don’t miss it, please subscribe here:

2 thoughts on “Bonus Episode 4th May: Jo shares her own fairy encounter”

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