Ep 44: Contact with Star Beings and Coping with Personal Awakenings

Todd Grube is a long-time experiencer and a previous guest from Episode 21, Awakening to Them

I talked with Todd about the apparent upsurge in encounters and people’s personal awakenings.  He describes his observation of an orb-like ship that shot into the sky from a lake, near his previous home. He and his wife later experienced entering the ship. After that time he began communicating with what he describes as, ‘Star Beings’.  

Todd shares some more recent experiences he’s had with what appear to be yoga deities. He also suggests some meditations and exercises for letting go of old thinking patterns.

On the bonus episode on Patreon, he reveals another experience with what sounds like a being from another Star System, who had a message for him 

Todd teaches yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gung in Sweden where he lives with his family. He provided our Patreon group with a ‘tea ceremony’ workshop last year which introduced us to a whole new way of connecting with Otherworldly beings. 

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Show notes

☕️ Tea Ceremony Workshop
Introduction to Tea Meditation and Ceremony (Cha-Dao):

Tea meditation or Cha-dao is a ancient form of Shamanic meditation practice coming from south China using the plant medicine Camellia Sinensis or tea!

🧚‍♂️It was used by shamans, healers and Taoist for about 20 thousand years and was used as a tool to communicate with the gods, Fae, elementals, guides, Star people and power animals.  

🌱Tea is a plant teacher and medicine which helps open you to receive messages and even communicate with different Fae and light beings!  

🌟In this workshop I will talk about  : history of tea  : how to do a tea meditation  : what teas are good for tea meditations  : philosophy of tea meditation  : how to use tea as a medicine, and a connection with the Fae and light beings  : and any questions you may have to get started!

We’ll run a ritual ceremony during the workshop followed by an opportunity to share our experiences and ask questions etc. The whole workshop should take around 1 to 1.5 hours depending on numbers of participants. Todd will advise various teas that you can use for the ceremony, ahead of the workshop.

Register your interest for the tea ceremony workshop at scarlettofthefae@gmail.com

The Qi Gong is an exclusive workshop for patrons. You can join and support the show here: 

Here’s what the Patreon group said about the workshop:

🌟That was brilliant! Thank you soo much for setting up the tea ceremony workshop!”

🌟“Todd was just lovely and an informative teacher too. I had no idea that tea had this spiritual history to it.  I’m looking forward to experimenting with it too”

🌟“The tea ceremony yesterday was amazing!! Thank you again for hosting. I’m looking forward to another possible future exchange.”

🌟“it was inspiring… I look forward to experimenting with it!”

QiGong Workshop

🧘🏼‍♂️ Shamanic Qigong 6 week course

Suitable for all levels, this 6 week course is a introduction to Shamanic Qigong.  Legend says it was created by the Feitan (Chinese nature spirits). It’s an easy to learn, yet very powerful practice that:

-consists of both standing and sitting movements.
-opens the energy body
-heals the Yin and Yang aspects of the body
-heals DNA
-connects you to the Angelic heavens.

In this course you will learn:
-water breathing qigong, as warm ups  
-shamanic qigong standing postures  
-sitting postures  
-qigong self massage  

The course is six weeks, each session is 1 hr. The cost is £50 and deposit is £20.

This course is only open to Curious Crew Patron members at Patreon. The course will start in January 2023.

Star Beings and Star Seeds

Todd has provided the following links that may be helpful for listeners interested in learning more about Star Seeds:


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