Episode 27: Consciousness, Chakras and Healing

This bonus episode-between-series is an exploration of consciousness and a companion to Episode 23: Consciousness and Playing with Other Realities 

I share my understanding of subtle bodies in our consciousness and chakras that relate to each part of our body. Since 2005, I’ve been a healer of The Body Mirror System of Healing which was created by Martin Brofman and you can learn more about the system in the link to episode 23 above.

For further learning in this area, I recommend Martin’s Book, Anything Can Be Healed.

In addition, there’s a Body Mirror System Workshop coming to London in February 2022, which anyone can take part in. These workshops are also held in many other places around the world.   

If you’re interested in booking a distant healing with me go to:

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Note: The information I share here and on the episode including ideas, suggestions, techniques, methods, resources, and other materials is educational in nature and is not intended to provide you with any specific health or well-being advice.  For medical advice please consult a licensed health care professional.

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